You’re Not that Great

saw_singingpraisePart of magnifying God in every way is not making life about you. Let me be totally honest with you, you aren’t that great! Without God we can accomplish nothing (John 15:5).

We didn’t create the stars and name them all (Genesis 1:1). We didn’t put the planets into orbit and we don’t know the number of hairs on our heads, yet alone the whole human population.

We just can’t…


Because we aren’t that great…!

That’s why I believe everything we do should be for the glory of God. If all the praise and glory went to me, what would I do with it? I think I would just act like any other sinner. I would become a snooty, haughty, and uptight person. I would always be looking for the next opportunity to praise myself. Thanks be to God who takes it off of me and gives it to someone who is more deserving of praise and glory.

When we magnify God, remember, you’re not just giving credit to the one who deserves it but rather praising God that it’s not about you (Psalm 115:1).


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